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national captioning institute good morning. we welcome you back on this wednesday morning. i'm alison starling. >> and i am cynne simpson. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we check in with lisa in just a moment. we begin with adam caskey. >> we're live in the weather center on this wednesday morning. we have a few light showers to talk about. a cold front is moving through. this broken line of showers is falling apart. it is approaching the clarksburg area. right along 15 and the rappahannock county line. we have a few more light showers. otherwise, a very sunny day today. we're in the mid 70's. becoming a breezy and less humid into the afternoon. gusts up to 30 miiles per hour
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possible. >> i have strobe lights lighting up on top of yellow buses that are getting ready to roll out. school is back in session. heavier traffic spotted on 95 and 66. everything is open to get into town. headlights in springfield. back to you. >> thank you. we are following some breaking news just into abc 7. police are on the scene of a barricade situation in southwest. this is happening right now. roads are closed to cars and people in that area. we do have a crew on the scene. our top story has everybody talking. a florida pastor says he will go ahead with a plan to burn copies of the koran.
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scums amid fierce opposition from leaders. brianne carter is live with more on this building controversy. >> the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan is warning the plan to burn copies of the koran will in danger troops. reverent terry jones says he has no plans of backing down. this florida pastor said he will go through with a planned book burning on september 11. >> if we do not do it, when do we stop backing down? when do stop giving into islam? >> the message could mean trouble for u.s. troops abroad. >> we have seen evidence just at the rumor that this could take place. >> others are warning about the impact. >> i am heartened by the
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condemnation of this disrespectful, disgraceful act that has come from american religious leaders of all faiths equipped a group of leaders in washington say acts like this heard all religions. >> it is against the koran, the gospels, the bible. this is why we are here put the white house has endorsed joppa petraeus' statement. >> thank you. the end of ramadan is close to some timber 11. local muslims are concerned. >> we figured it would be best to keep it quiet and not to attract undue attention. >> muslim leaders fear their
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festivities could be misinterpreted as celebrating the 2001 terrorist attacks. one community center is expecting 15,000 people for careers. festivities have been canceled. president obama will mark the anniversary of the september 11 attacks at the pentagon. joe biden will be in new york city. michelle obama and laura bush will be in pennsylvania for ceremonies marking the crash of united flight 93. president obama roles of his latest plan for the economy. the white house is looking to reversed popularity problems. it is hoping new spending will do the trick. emily schmidt has the latest. >> it is round two. president obama will outline his new plan for a fix.
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there will be billions of dollars of new tax incentives. business could write off new investments. this is on top of $50 billion in infrastructure spending. but the plan needs the support of congress. in a poll, 92% say the economy is in bad shape and that the president has made it worse. 32% believe republican proposals would make it better. >> we're seeing a revolt against the status quo. >> the president supports keeping bush tax cuts in place for couples making less than 21 to $50,000 a year. emily schmidt, abc news, washington. >> thank you. we are following a developing story coming in from seat pleasant. police are searching for eight
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gunmen who shot a man. this happened last night on central avenue. the man was taken to the hospital. police in college park are on high alert. there were five attacks over the past two weeks. we talk to a 21-year-old who was attacked monday night. >> he put a gun up to my head and told me to give him all of my money. they said it would kill me. i tried to remain cool and not to do anything stupid to get myself shot. >> their work two arrests in connection with the first incident. a man arrested in conjunction with a drunk driving case has been indicted. police say carlos montano hit a
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car carrying three nuns. sister jeanette marie mosier was killed. montano was in the process of being deported at the time. virginias dmv is now changing the paperwork that immigrants can use to prove they are legal u.s. residents. still ahead, six days and counting. a call for calm in the district's race for mayor. >> bp is coming clean. an investigation into the gulf coast oil spill. >> your traffic and weather together every 10
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is exactly 6:10. we do have a few light showers across northern virginia. very, very light rain near urbana. i wish i could say these showers are holding together, but they are not. we're getting a few light showers as well as they are slowly pushing off to the east. this is the result of a cold front. 70 in manassas. we are on our way to the upper 80's, and near 90 today. becoming breezy, as well. costs around 30 miles per hour. generally a lot of sunshine
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despite the added clout -- gusts around 30 miles per hour. near 80 on sunday. eastern avenue is closed between rhode island and bladensburg road. there has been a water main break. water main repair in riverdale under 295 for several days. they will come back to do more repairs. traffic getting by 410 for now. cableway and make sure traffic gets worse. delays out of dale city to get to a crash on rte. 1. we will take you live to newschopper 7. they are flying over the beltway
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at georgia avenue. plenty of traffic. there was a stalled car on an exit ramp that is now gone. >> thank you. do not forget about your next chance to win a trip to new york. all week long, watch "live with regis and kelly" and look for the key word of the day. then log onto and type it in. get all five key words for five chances to win. rules are on our website, >> is there a specific height that the heels have to be? there could be an advantage. >> exactly. we will get to the bottom of that. >> right now, 71 degrees outside. >> coming up, a time to budget more for your morning coffee. prices have jumped to the
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highest rates in more than a decade. things are heating up in the mayor's race. one candidate is going online to woo the voters. >> the worst oil ♪ storyteller: hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle the cow jumped over the moon. then quickly fell back to earth, landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily, geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow, because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. i think it's greatove about how they put politicss union? above my chi education. it's cool how the union makes it almo impossible to fire bad teachers.
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it's impressive how my dues money supports politicians i don't even like. dcchers union has failed our kids, played politics, and now is threatening to file a lawsuit to block recent progress. find out more at thanks, teachers unions. we're monitoring breaking news right now in the district. there is a barricade situation on m street southwest. " roads are closed to cars and people. we will have more details as they become available. hillary clinton is joining a growing chorus of people condemning the churches plant to burn copies of the koran on its september 11. other leaders have also opposed
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the move. the pastor said its response to a muslim community center near ground zero. police are in full force in college park after two more muggings at the university of maryland campus. they happened late monday night. these robberies are in addition to three other robberies that have taken place. bp is set to release the results of its internal investigation into the oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico that killed 13 workers. report is not expected to place too much blame on itself. we turn out to the race for mayor. six days left before the primary. both candidates are calling for calm from their supporters. pamela brown has live and the latest on the final stretch. >> we are on the home stretch.
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one candidate is beefing up campaign tactics to win over a formal fenty supporters. vincent gray has a new website that features eight youtube video with some people. take a listen. >> some people say adrian fenty has turned his back on the district residents. i can say they are right. >> his former deputy chief of staff is one of about 300 people listed on the website who say they have become disillusioned with fenty over the last few years. fenty is claiming the underdog role. fenty has a slight lead among the 8000 people who have voted so far. tensions are growing between the candidates and volunteers. there has been some physical and verbal confrontations at some of the early voting precincts.
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both candidates are calling on their supporters to tone it down. >> people should get out and vote. we want every one of our voters to do it. >> anytime people in elections to interrupt campaigning of other candidates, i think it absolutely makes the candidate look bad. >> both candidates are asking for security to be beefed up and all the precincts. reporting live, pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a judge is now banning a misleading candidates flyer that has been circulating. he says the sheriff's department can take it from anyone hanting it out. they're backing people that they are opposing. the flyers have been mailed to
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some residents. the origin is still unclear. some big news for president obama's tax plan. >> we began with the president pushing his proposal to jump- start the economy. president is in cleveland making the case for $180 billion in business tax cuts. he is expected to oppose extending the bush tax cuts for the wedding. hewlett-packard is suing its former ceo, trying to prevent him from joining oracle. hurd was forced out last year. expense reports appeared to hide a relationship with the contractor. burger king is expanding its breakfast menu. they are introducing nine new items.
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your morning cup of coffee could soon cost more. coffee bean prices have hit a 13-year high. and that is your "money scope" report. i am rob nelson. 79 degrees on this early wednesday morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. dam gets excited over snow. now he is getting excited over rain because memories of the best winter of my life. i am from minnesota. this was the best winter of my life. that says something. >> i am trying to savor summer. >> we do have a cold front that is moving through. it has a few light showers across the region. i wish i could said they were more numerous, but they are not.
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they're falling apart. you can see route loudoun county and south of leesburg and in central fauquier county and the northern montgomery county. it is a mild start today. we're in the 70's everywhere. 74 in the district. 77 in college park. there is one exception up in frederick, where we are 68 degrees. manassas is 70. map. take a look at the we do have a cold front pushing through. generally a very sunny day despite a few sprinkles early this morning. the cold front will bring a breeze from the west. the colder air behind the front will take its time to get here. near 90 this afternoon. becoming less humid. calmht, the wind will, do
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down. to more afternoon, a fantastic day. breezy and not as bad as today. 80 will be the high temperature. upper 70's friday into saturday. the best chance of rain will be on sunday. we need the moisture. >> 95 construction is complete at 198. the lanes are open in both directions for now. 95 virginia is a tough ride northbound leaving dale city to get to a crash after the occoquan. we will show you the pace of traffic north of the beltway, now heating up between edsall road and seminary road. that is normal. >> thank you. 71 degrees. >> a second chance. a man says thank you to the medics who saved his life. >> star-studded harpo
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welcome back. a local man who helped save many lives is showing his appreciation. >> he worked as a dispatcher for the prince george's county fire
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department. he made an emergency call of his own. he was having a heart attack. he survived. in annapolis, he had a chance to meet the medics who saved his life. >> every day could be your last. it is a humbling experience to sit there and have the opportunity to think about it. it's scary. >> it is rewarding to see him up and moving around. >> he will have to see a cardiologists for the rest of his life. he has added exercise and nutrition to his lifestyle. >> very important. there is still another half- hour of "good morning washington" i had. >> a manhunt ends when the suspect surrenders hundreds of miles away. >> we are talking christmas. good morning. i am courtney robinson live in
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leesburg. a vote could do away with a holiday tradition here in leesburg. i will have the details, not. >> a cold front is moving through today. you'll notice a few light through today. you'll notice a few light
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>> >> live and in hd, this is" good morning washington," on your sid. >> calls for a floor pastor to abandon calls to set fire to islam's most holy book. we welcome you back on this wednesday, september 8. ♪ captioned by the national captioning institute we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam caskey is here with your first forecast. have clouds in this guide. we have not seen that for a
6:30 am
while. partly cloudy this morning because a cold front is moving in. we actually have some rain from those class. we desperately need it. we will take any we can get. unfortunately, it does not much it will not amount to much more than a trace. here is a look at the broken line of showers from leesburg down toward catlett. it is a little steadier down in rappahannock county. and itmid 70's right will really be a sunny day. the high will be nearer 90. we are back down in the 50's tomorrow morning. we will talk about the rest of the week and what the cold front will do coming up. traffic is starting to keep up as far as volume.
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95 has a crash on the shoulder outside of occoquan as far as traffic in maryland, we'll take you live to the geico camera. we are continuing to follow breaking news in the district. police are on the scene of a barricade situation in southwest washington. this is brand new video. this is happening on n street southwest. there are no injuries at this time. roads are closed to people in this area. we turn to our other top story. president obama rolls out his latest plan for the economy back of the white house is working to reverse the democrats popularity program and is hoping a mixture of tax incentives and spending will help.
6:32 am
>> good morning. white house officials are telling us that what we will hear today will be the president's underlying economic message to arouse the november election. voters are getting increasingly worried about the economy. the president will take his message to cleveland where he rolls it out. it is no coincidence that is the same city where last month house republican leader john bender described his plan. he called on the president to fire his entire economic team. the obama proposal would include $200 billion in tax incentives for businesses to write off all new investments in equipment. it would take place after the midterm election. 92% of americans said the economy is in bad shape. many believe that the president has actually made it worse. president obama is likely to say
6:33 am
that he will support continuing bush tax cut for couples who make less than $250,000. he is okay with phasing them out as they are set to expire at the end of the year. thank you. more political and religious leaders are condemning plans by a florida tourist to bring copies of the qur'an. hillary clinton says burning the moslem holy book would be disgraceful. the legislators in washington say doing so would hurt all religions. >> bearing false witness against her neighbors is against the koran, the bible, is against the gospels and this is why we are here. we have to be here. when do wen't do it, stop backing down. when we stop giving in to islam? >> the burning was planned as a
6:34 am
response to a proposed islamic center and mosque near ground zero. > another barricade situation in southwest washington has ended. it ended after midnight. and manhole up inside was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. no one else was injured. a bethesda man suspected of shooting his girlfriend has turned himself he surrendered to pennsylvania state police yesterday afternoon. police say he used a high- powered rifle to shoot at the woman who was not hurt. the incident had two nearby schools on alert. a man arrested for drunk driving crash that killed 89 has been indicted on a murder charge -- that killed a nun has been indicted on a murder
6:35 am
charge. the sister was killed and two other sisters were seriously injured. looking at the day ahead -- a nearly yearlong holiday battle could be at an end. it focuses on christmas decorations at a court house in leesburg. >> good morning. right now, the board's policy is to allow up to 10 groups of any faith to put out holiday displays on a first-come first- served basis. some want a full band. the debate over separation of church and state has made its way to court here at the loudoun county courthouse. the issue is whether to ban religious holiday displays on the courthouse lawn, a long- running leesburg tradition. >> this has been a special privilege provided to the religious community for a long
6:36 am
time. i believe that is an inappropriate collaboration between religion and government. >> i never thought it would become an issue. i was astonished last year and i am surprised again this year than in the controversy started before last christmas when groups challenged the legality of the decorations. >> the leesburg town council supports the religious displays but it is not up to them. county leaders will decide on county-run properly. people came out to tell the county board of supervisors to give them the green light this christmas. >> we have always had the freedom to be able to exercise our freedom of religion, not freedom from religion, but of religion. >> a very heated issue out here in leesburg. we sell 50 people come out to voice their opinion last night. at 11:00, the board of supervisors will make their final decision.
6:37 am
we will see what happens. still ahead, keeping york littlest passenger is safe. we have the latest car booster seats test results. ♪ >> strange sights on the streets of chinatown when a lady got a crash as a nation capital.
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>> we are here at the national building museum and our latest exhibition all about legos. it is time for you to apply. good morning, washington. we have a few sprinkles falling over dale city and rain in rappahannock county and culpeper county pushing off to the east. temperatures are for the most part in the 70's. you can see cloud cover over the metro area. there is a cold front moving in along with those isolated and light showers. we are on our way to near 90 this afternoon again. it will be breezy with less wins.
6:41 am
cooler tomorrow and near a peak with sunshine. we have an accident on the dulles toll road eastbound after the toll plaza but before the exit for 495. there is a crash right after you come out of the toll plaza before the public and the car wreck is in the bright light. traffic delays begin before route 7. 355 at 75 has a crash and that should be out of the way. here is the volume live in the geico camera at university boulevard. all in all, not that bad. 7 1 degrees outside. >> coming up, picking a replacement for white house staff. some names in contention. >> plus, ranking booster seat safety. we have a brand new test results. >> we have the latest on that
6:42 am
breaking barricade situation out of southwest. we will be the challenge jobs. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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we are following breaking news from southwest d.c. at this hour where people are -- police are on the scene of a barricade situation. you can see live pictures coming in. this is happening in the unit block of n nstreet. two people are involved and no one has been injured. roads in that area are closed. we will continue to follow the story and bring you the latest information as it becomes available. it is 6:44 and time for a look at our other top stories. president obama had to ohio
6:45 am
today to unveil a new plan to jump-start the economy. businesses would be able to write off new investment in plant and equipment for the president will say he favors keeping the bush tax cuts for couples under -- making under $250,000 per year. secretary of state hillary clinton is condemning a plant to burn copies of the qur'an on september 11. the church bus pastor says it is in response to a proposed muslim center at ground zero. the loudoun county board will decide whether religious displays for christmas can be put on their lawn. we have a safety warning for parents. the insurance institute for highway safety has just released its latest test results for car
6:46 am
booster seats for kids. there are more highly rated seats than ever before. the test revealed some important information that every parent should know before strapping in young children. >> parents have dozens of products to choose from. >> there is no proof that a particular booster will work with their particular kit. >> this could lead to serious injuries or death. the insurance the institute tested the safety belts that of 72 different booster seats. >> we assess how well they react in different vehicle types. >> seven of them were rated in good bets. >> the lap belt lies flat across anonymous stomach. this keeps help the shoulder balance. >> eight of the booster seats did that meet their standards
6:47 am
including the evenflow generation. >> the lap belt is too high on the stomach. the shoulder belt is too close to the neck. >> what should parents do if there booster seat is not recommended? test the see that to make sure it fits in the right places and make sure it is safe to use. maryland and d.c. highways are considered to be some of the worst in the nation. a recent report says d.c. is near the bottom of the list because of road conditions, congestion, and the deficient bridges. maryland also ranks low. the virginia highway system ranks 18th in the nation and was 12th on the list last year. replacing rahm emanuel. >> of the white house chief of staff is reportedly considering a run for the mayor of chicago.
6:48 am
politico's mike allen is here with the details. what are the chances that rahm emanuel will run for mayor of chicago? >> it seems to be pretty good. they will want to make some changes at the midterm and this is something he wants to do. this goes back as far as the time he was in congress. people assume he is going to. they are talking about who was coming next to them of who are they talking about? this could be an opportunity for the obama administration to bring in a fresh face. >> they want someone who will bring change and a new approach. it must be somebody the president will be comfortable with. it will not be a surprise. rahm was telling people that his replacement would be valerie jarrett. there are other familiar names. ron clain, he has worked for
6:49 am
vice president joe biden. another person familiar to washington tom donlan, his wife was chief of staff to joe biden. >> it will be interesting to see who he chooses. rahm emanuel is such a colorful and you need character. >> is not someone who and wants to be a lame ducks of things will probably move quickly. >> thank you. is now 6:49 of this wednesday morning and tied for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. it will become make windy wednesday with gusty conditions later this midday and afternoon. we have a cold front moving through. there are a few lingering showers remaining. we could use the showers but culpeper is getting it down
6:50 am
toward charlottesville. a live look outside. reagan national airport is 74 degrees. the cloud cover is a result of the cold front that is moving through. that cold front will leave its mark on the washington area. it will be felt the next couple of days. let's go to the almanac. the high tech but yesterday was the 61st 90-degree day of the year. 82 is the average high temperature and a record for today is 100. we're back up near 90 later today. behind the cold front it will be gusty.
6:51 am
there will be cooler air behind it. it has not been humid the last couple of days but it will get even better. a lot of sunshine today and just some morning clouds and clear tonight and dropping down to the 50's. tomorrow, near 80 and still breezy. friday will be upper 70's for high with sunshine. we can use the rain but the next chance will be sunday. there has been a crash in the dulles toll road between the toll plaza and the beltway. it should be on the shoulder by the time you get there but the delays on the toll road and route 7 begin at the algonkian parkway. georgetown pike will pick up customers dranesville. 395 northbound, delays are up to seminary road from king
6:52 am
street. there is an accident before montrose road. we will come back with mor ♪
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♪ [ male aouncer ] giving ucigarettes catake more than wlpower alone. but today'a new day. for many, smokg is a treatable dical condition. talk to your doctor about prescripti treatment optionand support.
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one last check and are breaking news. police are on the scene of a barricade situation in southwest d.c.. this is happening in the unit block of n street.
6:55 am
two people are involved. no one has been injured. we have live pictures here. the road in that area are) we will have the latest on this story at noon as well as online at tbd.copm. local fans of all lady gaga are winding down after a big night them of the pop star performed last night at the verizon center in northwest d.c.. we caught up with many fans who were wearing unusual outfits. lady gaga is known for pushing boundaries. she recently appeared on the cover of vogue magazine in japan wearing nothing but a bikini and made up of red meat. >> she is liberating the freaks. i was teased all through high school and elementary school. >> no judgment one way or another. does that person might taste. >> it is art. >> during the concert last night, she spoke in favor of
6:56 am
gays in the military and said she will not stand around in bra and not stand for something. >> lady gaga has spoken. >> time for a last look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. take route 7, the georgetown pike, or the toll road. i would take the georgetown pike. we go live to traffic in manassas on 66 eastbound. it is slowed near 234 bypass to get into centreville. we need a rainy day. we don't have that coming down the pike but we have a few light showers in culpeper and charlottesville. otherwise a sunny day. we have a great thursday through saturday. there will be sunshine and the next chance of rain comes sunday. >> that will do it for "good
6:57 am
morning washington. " >>
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